Saturday, May 2, 2015

Guest Artist: Dennis Corrigan

Thirty years ago I was a struggling student at the Joe Kubert School. Among the more memorable instructors was a guy named Dennis Corrigan, who was eccentric and brilliant and whose unique art was stunningly weird and beautiful. I recently reconnected with Dennis, who is as mad and hilarious as ever, and Dennis has a book out called True Love Knows No Bounds. His work is great fun too look at, and is instantly laugh-out-loud funny.

From the entry for True Love Knows No Bounds:

Who lives in the mind of Dennis Corrigan? The Midnight Worm, Pointing George, Father Kurowski, Filthy Andy, a Weird Walkin' Stalker, Mrs. Mussman, A Revolting Rabbit Family.... From the artist: "Most of these drawings were created during the summer and fall of 2014, with me curled into a couch corner in a semi-fetal position, armed with mechanical pencils, kneaded erasers, and a few tech pens. I was kind of burnt out on art in general, but had to keep making at least something. The results were a return to a kind of minimalist line drawing style, with an emphasis on humor, composition, and lunacy. I'm happy to say that when viewing the drawings contained in this collection, far removed from the time of their creation, that I really like them. And I hope that they will provide a small mother lode of laughter for a wide range of viewers."
"Todor, the Dingwoot, Touches His First Hot Dog"

"After Six Months of Nagging, Sgt. Fontaine Finally Decides to Strangle His Mother"

"Father Kurowski Finally Gets His Chance to Push the Panic Button"

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