Saturday, March 22, 2014


A few thoughts as we conclude our episode:
  1. I think my Lenny and Jack were both pretty good, but I just couldn't get Mike Logan's hair right. Next time.
  2. One of the perils of straight-to-paper cartooning is the inability to edit. I referred to the victim alternately as "Arthur" and "Alvin".  If I could fix it, I'd stay with Arthur, it's more Law and Order-like. Likewise, "Ben Garrison" quickly became "Stephen".
  3. Also, never name two of your protagonists similarly (Grumman and Garrison). You're just begging to mix them up. 
  4. When I started this comic, my original plan was to create a one or two page quick parody (similar to my WEST WING cartoon). Hence, I didn't give much thought to the murder weapon, so I tossed in the Cub Scout knife just to be goofy. Then I started thinking how fun it would be to draw an entire episode of LAW & ORDER straight (it was), but I was stuck with my goofy murder weapon. Hopefully I was able to pull a half-decent L&O-like plot out of my haste.
  5. I don't think the real show used "dunk dunk" half as many times as I did. Often the characters will just say where they're going, and the scene will cut dunk-less. But lord, I do love me the "dunk-dunks".
  6. I may do this again someday. It was a lot of fun!